The Washington Unified School District's Board of Education sets policies based upon recommendation from the Superintendent. Many policies have a set of procedures, which are approved by the Board of Education after review by the appropriate staff. Policies establish direction and structure for the district. They set the goals, assign authority, and establish controls that make school governance and management possible. School board policies have the force of law equal to statutes or ordinances. 

card header iconOur Policies Are Online

The policies can be accessed here.
***Please see below for recently updated policies. 

card header iconOrganization of Policies

Policies are organized as shown below.
Series - Subject
0000 - Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
1000 - Community Relations
2000 - Administration
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations
4000 - Personnel
5000 - Students
6000 - Instruction
7000 - Facilities
9000 - Board Bylaws
The Washington Unified School District Board of Trustees are currently updating board policies and administrative regulations by series, in addition to keeping up with the recommended California School Board Association changes. It may take a period of time before the adopted policies are linked to the online system therefore they are presented for review with the adoption date below. Once the policies are updated in the online system they will be removed from the recently updated policies below.

card header iconThe policies below have been recently updated:

Resolution #1617-03, Revised Conflict of Interest Code (adopted August 11, 2016)

BP 3000, Business and Noninstructional Operations (adopted April 27, 2017)

BP 4000, Personnel (In Process)

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Series 4000, Personnel

BP 5000, Students (adopted July 13, 2017)

BP 6000, Instruction (In Process)

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Series 6000, Instruction