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District-Wide Facilities Master Plan

 A comprehensive Facilities Master Plan is an essential element of a district’s planning process. The Facilities Master Plan provides the district with information regarding current and future needs for student housing, quality of the existing facilities, and facilities renovation and expansion requirements to support the district’s educational and programmatic goals. A Master Plan also assists a district in identifying funding needs for capital improvement and developing financing options.
Once complete, the FMP will be the first step in identifying the priorities and schedule of projects to follow for the next 15 - 20 years.  This document is intended to be updated on a regular basis (not a part of this contract) so that each project is documented and accounted for in the Master Plan.  If maintained properly, the FMP will be an organic document that evolves as the District executes construction milestones.
Staff and Community input in the creation of the FMP is critical in making sure that the facilities reflect the needs of the programs, students, and the community at large.  Each site will a have site administration/staff workshop directly followed by a community input workshop to solocite input regarding the goals for each site and the entire District as a whole. The results of the Facilities Master Plan survey that is available electronically will be discussed and then prioritized during the workshops; participation with both the survey and the workshop is encouraged to help finalize the major goals for each site.
Please see the links below for the surveys available in English, Spanish, and Russian.
The dates for the Staff and Community Input Meetings will be posted after August 6th.