SB 73 (Chapter 29/Statutes 2013) is the implementation bill for Prop. 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act. Prop. 39 provides for the creation of clean energy jobs, including funding energy efficiency projects and renewable energy installations in public schools, universities, and other public facilities.

For five fiscal years, 2013-14 through 2017-18, funds will be provided for K-14 schools.  In 2014-15 the total funding available for clean energy projects is $352.5 million. K-12 LEAs will be allocated $279 million, with LEA distributions based 85% on a per-ADA allocation (P2 of prior year) and 15% on the basis of free and reduced price meal-eligible students (prior year). The CDE will post the 2014-15 entitlement amounts soon. $28 million will go to the Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA) and $37.5 million to community college districts.
LEAs are expected to provide specific data to the Energy Commission including but not limited to an Energy Expenditure Plan with specific required elements, access to all utility data for the past 12 months, benchmarking data, cost efficiency analysis, and ongoing analysis.  Allowable uses of Prop. 39 funds include:
  • Energy planning activities occurring on or after July 1, 2013
  • Energy audits and energy surveys/assessments
  • Prop. 39 program assistance
  • Hiring or retaining of an energy manager with a maximum cost of 10% of the award or  100,000 each year
  • Energy-related training for classified employees
Energy efficiency and renewable generation have been a strategic focus of the facility planning of the District since early 2008. Since the strategy was identified, the District has completed an energy efficiency upgrade (2010), Solar Power Phase #1 (2011), and Solar Power Phase #2 (2013). In addition, the District entered into an agreement with Cenergistic (2013) to develop and implement a behavior modification program that focuses on efficient use of all resources. The District’s Capital Investment Program (2014) includes a District Energy Program and energy strategy statement (CIP Appendix 4, pg #62). In addition, Solar Power Phase #3 is being considered along with how to best implement the District’s share ($1.4+/-) of Proposition 39 Energy Efficiency Funds. Knowing that the Proposition 39 funds would be forthcoming, in March 2014 the District entered into a contract with ARC Alternatives to provide services in areas where ARC Alternatives had expertise. Those areas were:
  • Proposition 39 Strategic and Technical Support
  • CES (Opterra) ReNEW Program review
  • Cenergistic Program review and support.  
The scope of work for the Proposition 39 Strategic and Technical Support has four key deliverables:
  • a Prop 39 Benchmark Report
  • a Draft Strategic Energy Plan
  • a Final Strategic Energy Plan
  • a Prop 39 Expenditure Plan.  
As the documents become available, they will be posted to this webpage.

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