For information about GATE testing and school and district GATE services, please contact your child's school principal or Erin Cormier, Program Specialist, at (916) 375-7604 ext. 1311.

card header iconQualifying for GATE

Each spring, parents and teachers are invited to nominate third graders to be assessed for the GATE program. With parent permission, we do the initial assessment using the Otis Lennon School Ability Test in third grade because the district program begins in fourth grade, but parents of older children may also request assessment. Please contact your school's psychologist for information about testing for older children. Children in third grade who score Advanced in both English/Language Arts and Mathematics on the California Standards Tests (STAR) may also qualify for GATE. If your child qualified for GATE in another public school district, we can transfer that eligibility to WUSD. 

card header iconElementary School GATE Program

Parents may opt to keep their GATE qualified children in their home school to be served through individual GATE learning plans, developed collaboratively with teachers. They also have the option of enrolling their children in the district GATE program for grades 4-8 at Westmore Oaks Elementary School. In grades 4 and 5, GATE students are in self contained GATE classes. In grades 6-8, GATE students are clustered in honors classes that provide additional challenge to meet their learning needs. Our K-8 programs offer middle grades students the opportunity to take advanced electives usually not available until high school, including digital photography (using Photoshop), robotics, and engineering.

card header iconHigh School GATE Program

In high school, GATE students are served through enrollment in advanced coursework, including Advanced Placement classes where students can earn college credit by passing AP exams. Your high school counselor can help your student develop a four-year plan that fits his or her individual needs. Some students benefit from taking college courses while they are still in high school, or from internships in areas of interest.