The Technology Department strives to meet the comprehensive needs of our district's staff and students. In Spring 2015, the department was reorganized to include both the informational technology department and the educational technology staff. We work collaboratively to ensure that our infrastructure, network, policies, support, and professional learning continues to grow and expand to meet the needs of a 21st century learning environment.

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(916) 375-7999
Director of Technology
(916) 375-7604 x1314
(916) 842-7007 (cell)
Christy Jourdan
Administrative Secretary II
(916) 375-7600 x1411
Melissa Oliver
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
(916) 375-7604 x1309
Student Assessment & Data Specialist
(916) 375-7600 x1308
Edmund Lynch
Technology TOSA
(916) 375-7600 x1420
Steve Calibo
Technology Technician I
Supports BWI, DO, ELK, Yolo
(916) 317-9391 (cell)
James Corson
Technology Technician I
Supports RCHS
(916) 284-8615 (cell)
Mohammad Nassar
Systems Engineer
(916) 529-9148 (cell)
Jerry Chapman
Systems Engineer
(916) 869-5212 (cell)
Jon Barca
Technology Technician II
Supports Mobile Devices District-wide
(916) 417-1150 (cell)
Aaron Smart
Technology Technician II
Supports Mobile Devices District-wide
(916) 997-0205 (cell)
Jorge Monterrubio
Technology Technician I
Supports RB, SP, WFV, WSECP
(916) 893-4934 (cell)
Damien Sintes
Technology Technician I
Supports AN, Bryte, MOT, SG, WMO
(916) 417-5441 (cell)