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Innovative EducatorsInnovative Educators embrace technology integration across curriculum, instruction, and assessment as a way to equip our Washington Unified students with 21st century skills to become more digitally literate. They attend professional development and engage with a professional learning network both inside and outside the district in order to grow their skills, experience new learning, and collaborate with others to extend their professional practice. Innovative Educators are willing to take risks and learn from and with their students, and are not afraid to make mistakes as part of this learning process. They model ethical and safe online behavior and digital practices in support of digital citizenship.  As a result of the Innovative Educator program, teachers grow as instructional technology leaders, sharing their expertise, experiences, and knowledge with colleagues. Through this positive and unique program, all of our Washington Unified students develop the necessary skills for college or career success. 

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  • Attend professional development opportunities offered within the district (after school, Super Saturdays, or release days) and actively participate in a professional learning network
  • Incorporate 21st century teaching strategies including critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation, competency in a global community, and digital literacy into lesson design, unit creation, and assessments
  • Adopt Google Apps for Education for instructional and professional workflows
  • Create a classroom environment that promotes 21st century teaching and learning through the infusion of technology hardware, software, and redesign of the classroom space
  • Be open to receiving frequent coaching support
  • Collaborate with grade level or department colleagues to share resources, student work samples, curriculum, assessments, and strategies that support a digital classroom
  • Serve as a demonstration classroom open to visits by teachers and administrators
  • Participate in surveys and/or focus groups to inform next phase of work for the Innovative Educator program
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This program is provided to WUSD students and teachers through the support of the Technology Department
with partial funding from the Common Core funds and Microsoft K-12 Voucher Funds.