card header iconNetwork Electronics Upgrade - E-Rate Y20 (2017/2018) RFP# 001-17/18NE

The bid deadline for Washington USD, RFP# 001-17/18NE Network Electronics Upgrade has been extended to Friday, February 10, 2017, at 2 PM. 
  • Must hold a valid Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) and is in good standing ("green light") with the FCC/USAC
  • Washington Unified School District is required to post both this RFP and Form 470 on the USAC EPC Portal site  
  • Questions and responses will be posted in all locations. In the event that there is a discrepancy between in documentation posted in multiple locations, the controlling (master) document will always be located on the Technology Department portion of the Washington Unified School District website at

  •  All requests for documents and to be added to the “Bidder’s List” shall be made by email only to Kim Harrison at

  • All requests must include the Project Name and Bid number in the subject line. Example “RE: Request for Project Documents for RFP# 001-17/18NE Network Electronics Upgrade"

  • All addendum(s), questions and answers will be posted to the district’s website at in addition to the E-rate EPC website at

    Please “Follow” the Form 470 to receive all EPC updates pertaining to the Form 470.

  • All inquiries regarding the project are to be directed to Kim Harrison.

card header iconWide Area (WAN) & Digital Transmission Services - E-Rate Y19 (2016/2017) Bid No. DWWAN0002Y19

The following documents are posted as a courtesy to bidders for review only
Plans can be purchased at Century Graphics Plan Room

card header iconRiverbank Surveillance System Project No. RB 1516-0003 Bid No. RB 1516-0003

Copies of plans and specifications may be purchased at Century Graphics located at 4733 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95841, or viewed online  

card header iconMaintenance, Operations, and Transportation (MOT) Telecommunications Project (MOT0001)

BIDS CLOSED for this project on 2/11/16 at 2:00 pm
Question: Do bidders need to be pre-qualified to bid on this project? 

No, bidders do not need to be pre-qualified to bid on this project.

Additional Information regarding lengths of fiber and copper runs:
  • Fiber Length from MDF to Maintenance Office trailer = 650 feet
  • Average length of copper run from MO trailer to outlet in modular building R1 = 260 feet/cable
  • Average length of copper run from MO trailer to outlet in modular building R2 = 290 feet/cable
ADDENDUM to Guarantee Bid Form - change from 15 years to 2 years