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After School Education and Safety Program - ASES

The KidZone and Club West  after school programs are funded by California’s Proposition 49: ASES Grant. The After School Education & Safety (ASES) grant provides funding for children to attend the KidZone and Club West programs at no cost to parents. This academic-recreation-enrichment program is designed for K-8 children.
Afterschool programs through ASES are provided at the following five sites:  
  • Elkhorn Village Elementary School
  • Riverbank Elementary School
  • Westfield Village Elementary School
  • Westmore Oaks Elementary School
  • Stonegate Elementary School.  
The Washington Unified School District works in partnership with the City of West Sacramento to provide service and staffing for ASES.  

For more information about program eligibility and registration, please contact the school site ASES Program office.
Program Elements
Children must be currently enrolled in Kindergarten – 8th grade at one of five area elementary schools that we service. Kindergartners are welcome to attend if they are in the afternoon or extended day sessions; KidZone is not staffed until after the release of the extended day. Please note: KidZone is not a licensed childcare program or daycare. Under California State Law, we are a license-exempt recreation program. Because of funding purposes and specific school needs your child may only attend his/her home school. Our program is structured to include academic time, healthy snack, various recreation indoor and outdoor games, arts & crafts, and enrichment activities. A daily activity schedule is posted at each site.
Minimum abilities required to participate:
In order to properly maintain a safe and healthy environment of all children attending KidZone and Club West, children must maintain the following minimum standards:
  1. Ability to understand and follow basic directions and rules of the program in order for staff to maintain proper supervision and safety standards.
  2. Ability to maintain basic self-control to insure the safety of themselves and others in the program.
  3. Ability to handle own personal hygiene/bathroom needs.

Due to the nature of our funding source, the State guidelines require children to regularly attend the after school program untill 6:00 P.M (at least 3 hours a day). If your child attends the regular day school day, he/she must attend the after school program daily. You will be contacted if your child has an unexcused absence, after three (3) unexcused absences your child may be dropped from the program. If your child is seriously ill or a long-term emergency arises, please inform your Site Leader or the Parks & Recreation Office at (916) 617-4620 so your child will not be dropped from the program. If you are unable to adhere to the attendance guidelines, your child may be in risk of being dropped from the program. A letter may be sent home informing you of your risk of losing the program. If your child needs to be released early from the programs for a scheduled activity (i.e. practice, tutoring, etc.) please sign out using the early release sheet, ask your Site Leader for more details. If an appointment is scheduled during program please inform your Site Leader your child may be leaving early or absent from the program, this is considered an excused absence.

For more information, contact Rahele Atabaki @ 916-375-7600 #1306.