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Superintendent's Cabinet

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Andy Parsons
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services is the Chief Academic Officer of the district. Educational Services provides comprehensive direct support to schools, teachers, and students with the mission of providing the highest quality education and best possible opportunities for students. We provide the curriculum that our students learn; train teachers and administrators; develop and monitor best instructional practices; innovate and improve learning systems and tools; enroll and place our students; support students experiencing difficulties; provide a safe and conducive learning environment; support special needs students and English Language Learners; and assess and evaluate student learning outcomes to continuously improve instructional and service delivery.
Christopher Mount-Benites
Chief Business Official, Business Services

The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services is the Chief Business Officer of the district. Business Services provides non-instructional services to the Washington Unified School District schools and departments. Though most of our activities occur behind the scenes, our services are essential to the smooth delivery of classroom instruction. We bring the students to and from school; we serve them breakfast and lunch; we ensure their teachers are paid and have the supplies they need; we clean, repair and ensure their classrooms are conducive to learning; and we build new classrooms when needed.

Norma Gonzales
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources is responsible for assisting the Superintendent in the management of the District’s Human Resources through directing district human resource programs and services; providing advice and information to others; achieving defined objectives by planning, evaluating, developing, implementing and maintaining services in compliance with established guidelines. Human Resources is responsible for the recruiting, retaining, and sustaining a professional staff for all schools and departments. Our goal is to place staff appropriately throughout the District to support our students: academically, physically, and emotionally.
Giorgos Kazanis
Administrator of Communication & Community Outreach

The Administrator of Communication and Community Outreach is the lead for district-wide communications, public relations, and community outreach for the Washington Unified School District (WUSD). Primary responsibilities include the management of communications opportunities and risks, both internally and externally for the District. The District's goal is to implement a series of short-term and long-term strategies to help elevate the public identity of the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) both locally and regionally.