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Capital Investment Program-2014

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) seeks to establish an understanding and strategy of the improvements and modernization programs that will allow Washington Unified School District to maintain their educational goals of delivering high standards of teaching to the community. By identifying the repairs and improvements at each campus and evaluating the curriculum the CIP will identify pathways to optimize campus improvements that align with curriculum goals.
Each campus was toured by a team of consultants specializing in a discipline to evaluate the condition of that discipline. What they identified were conditions that needed correction, modification or repairs and ranked them in accordance to immediacy. While there were no conditions on any campus that had a high level of correction necessary, the team did identify several key systems that required attention in order to prevent further damage or danger or would lead to a further decline or degradation of the system. These observations were recorded and memorialized in a report. The top issues will be identified in this report along with the recommendations for remediation, correction or replacement. While safety is always a concern at school sites, the campuses have done a good job at ensuring students are safe and secure while on campus.
The CIP was presented to the Board of Education in draft format in January of 2014 with adoption of the document in February 2014.  The CIP was developed on a ten-year life cycle with updates being presented to the BOE as necessary.  The document, attached for web viewing, has been broken up into five (5) files for easier viewing/downloading.