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The Technology department believes that all Washington Unified staff are educators - from our bus drivers, technicians, and para-educator to our cabinet level management. As such, the resources on this page are for all Washington Unified staff in order to provide a place to go for just in time support or when a human is not available to assist.
As a first time visitor to this page, we recommend beginning with the "Interactive Tech Hub" as your launching point.

Interactive Tech Hub

Help Desk Ticket

Steps for creating a Help Desk Ticket: 
  1. On a networked computer, go to
  2. Enter your user name and password. These are the same credentials you use to log onto your computer. 
  3. Click on the New Incident button and add your information. 
  4. Priority levels: · 
    • High – Your class cannot function without immediate help - URGENT 
    • Medium – Your class can function, but you need the issue looked into in the next day or two - CRITICAL 
    • Low – Your class is functioning fine, however, you need someone to look at this issue within the next week – IMPORTANT 
    • Normal – Your class is functioning fine, however you have a non-urgent, non-critical issue that needs our attention - NORMAL
  5. Purchase Requests: Please let us order your equipment for you! This ensures that it will work on our network and provides you with the best pricing available. To order any equipment or software, we will need a budget code before processing. 
  6. Provide a description of the problem you are experiencing. Providing as much detail as possible will be very helpful. Details could include the location of the issue, a specific computer name/number, and what you were doing prior to having the issue. 
  7. Click Add Request and your ticket will enter the queue for the designated technician.
Student Password Resets
If a student needs a password reset, please call or email Christy Jourdan with the student’s first name, last name, and 5 digit lunch number. In most cases, we are able to accommodate this need in real time to best help you and your students! Christy’s email address is and her phone extension is 1411.

We are here to serve you and your students, so please let us do so by using the Help Desk Ticket system!

G Suite Accounts

Staff Login to G Suite

All staff have a Google Account associated with their email address.  

First time use requires activation on a hardwired, networked computer.

How to Activate your Google Account

  1. Login District hardwired, networked computer using your regular WUSD credentials.

  2. Hit Control + Alt + Delete

  3. Choose Change Password

  4. Type Current Password (that you use to login to computer) three times.

  5. Enter

  6. Open Chrome, the preferred browser for GAFE.

  7. Go to

  8. Click the Blue Sign-in Button on Top Right Hand Corner of Screen.

  9. Type in your full WUSD email address including

  10. Next

  11. Type in your password (the same one you use to login to computer)

  12. Next

  13. Accept permissions

  14.  Welcome to WUSD Google Apps for Education


How to Login to WUSD Google on a Shared Computer

  1. Using Chrome, visit

  2. Click the blue signin button in top right corner

  3. Enter full wusd email address

  4. Enter password.

  5. Click on waffle to access various Google tools.

  6. When done, don’t forget to logout!

How to Login to WUSD Google on a device only used by you

The directions above will also work but for maximum functionality, efficiency, and access to G Suite for Training, you will want to login to the Chrome Browser.  Here’s how.

  1. Using Chrome, Click the three “hotdogs” (short horizontal lines) in top right hand corner > Settings > Sign in to Chrome  OR visit chrome://chrome-signin

  2. Enter full wusd email address

  3. Enter password

Note: The first time you do this, you may get a pop-up from G Suite for Training asking for permissions.  Accept permissions.

Employee Webmail

On January 7, 2019, Employees now access their email through their district Google Account at

Office 2013 Tutorials

Office 2013 Tutorials

In Summer 2014, Washington Unified rolled out Office 2013 for staff and students.  Although similar in nature to the previous version used, there are some differences that users might need assistance with navigating. The Office 2013 Tutorial links for Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel will provide users with a downloadable file or the ability to watch online on some of the common features of each of the products listed below.


Outlook 2013

Word 2013


PowerPoint 2013


Excel 2013