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4th_Annual_STUCON_-_Student_Powered_Tech_Showcase Card Icon4th Annual STUCON - Student Powered Tech ShowcaseTop of Page

It’s for STUDENTS!

● Play, create, show off your technology skills
● Show your parents what you can do, what you can create
● See what other kids are doing - share and learn with them
● Practice your public speaking skills -  Present to the public
● Students from all schools, from grades TK through High School, presenting side by side
● Show what you have done, or make a “how-to” presentation to teach others new tools and tricks


● Let your students show your classroom innovation
● Support! Cheer! Lead! But let your students do the work
● Students can showcase projects they have already done, or show a "day in the life" of using technology in class.
● Videos, animations, podcasts, robotics, coding, digital music, digital art, apps, games, slides
● Students can show individual projects or group collaborations


● What does school look like in 2020?
● What is the same and what is different about learning today versus learning 5, 10, 20 years ago?
● See our great teachers and students in action - learn what #Great2BWUSD means!

STUCON = Student Powered Tech Showcase! 

We invite all of our WUSD TK-12 students - with the support of their teachers - to demonstrate how they use technology in school.
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
River City High School
Students and teachers, from grades TK through High School, can demonstrate their use of technology, including Story Telling, Video Editing, Photography, Robotics, Music, Engineering, Games,  Animations and more!