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Uniform Policy

Elementary School Uniforms

Elementary School Uniforms

The district is implementing a consistent uniform policy for elementary schools for the following reasons:

  • District that have implemented district-wide uniform policies have found that there is a decrease in behavior that negatively impacts the school and classroom learning environments
  • Districts that have implemented district-wide uniform policies have found that uniforms shift the focus from what children are wearing to what students are learning
  • When a child moves from one district school to another, the same basic uniform will be appropriate at the new school
  • Consistent policies across the district create common expectations that focus on creating powerful learning environments on all campuses
  • A common policy at every site makes families feel they are being treated more fairly and consistently because each site does not have a different policy
  • A common policy creates a common expectation across the district for everyone who comes into daily contact with our children
Uniforms are required for students in grades K-8 at the following schools:
  • Bridgeway Island Elementary
  • Elkhorn Village Elementary
  • Evergreen Elementary
  • Riverbank Elementary
  • Southport Elementary
  • Stonegate Elementary
  • Westfield Village Elementary
  • Westmore Oaks Elementary
Questions about uniforms?

Questions about uniforms?

You can view our uniform board policy here.
Please contact your school's principal about the uniform policy for answers to specific school questions. For district level questions, please contact Andre Phillips, Ed.D, Director of Student and Family Support Services, at  (916) 375-7604.
Uniform Standards

Uniform Standards

  • Tops:  solid while or navy blue with collar, no logos or writing except unobstructive stitched polo shirt logos; official school logo shirts
  • Dresses, jumpers, skirts, skorts, and scooters:  solid khaki or navy (appropriate length)
  • Pants and shorts:  solid khaki or navy (no jeans)
Uniform Suppliers

Uniform Suppliers

Locally, many WalMart and Target stores carry uniforms, although it is a good idea to call before you shop because not all stores have uniforms.  There are also many online uniform suppliers. Some have been listed here as a sample of suppliers who carry uniforms that meet the WUSD uniform code.  Use the site's search function to look up school uniforms.