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Staff Training and Family Education

All WUSD staff have access to safety protocols as does the school community and public at large. Before students return to campus for In-Person Instruction, site administrators go over the checklist of safety procedures directly with each staff and conduct walk-thrus of each classroom. In addition, school site representatives will conduct parent universities in the transition of students coming onto campus to go over all student and safety procedures. Links have been placed on school and district websites for parents to access for more information on procedures and protocols and are available 24/7
Video Module Links:
Health Screenings (9:53):
Transportation (2:00):
Hand Hygiene (4:42):
PPE: Who Should Wear What and When (7:03):
How to Don and Doff PPE Safely (9:39):
Eating and Drinking (3:59):
Stay Home When Sick (5:21):
Designated Isolation Room (3:00):
Sanitizing Items and Surfaces in the Classroom (3:02):