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Community Notices

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In an emergency situation, our first priority is the safety of students and staff.  Once safety is assured, families will be notified about emergencies affecting the schools their children attend.

Multiple methods are used to communicate with families in an emergency.  We use ParentLink, an automatic phone dialing system, to get information out rapidly to families of students at one school or the entire district.  To ensure that you receive messages, please make sure that the school your student(s) attends has the correct phone numbers on file.

In addition, schools are collecting e-mail addresses from families to implement ParentLink's email notification feature.  Both systems planned to be used in the event of an emergency.  Please ensure that the school your student(s) attends has the correct e-mail address on file.

Informational letters may also be sent home, either through US mail or having children bring the information home ("SneakerNet").  

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West Sacramento Flood Protection - This is a link to help prepare for potential flooding in our area:

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