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The purpose of this homework page is to inform parents of Washington Unified's homework expectations.

General_Beliefs Card IconGeneral BeliefsTop of Page

1.  Homework reinforces student performance.

  • Builds effective study skills.
  • Develops student responsibility.
  • Allows students to complete independently with/without parent involvement.

 2.  Homework reinforces classroom instruction in a variety of ways.

  • Prepares for an upcoming lesson.
  • Extends classroom lesson.
  • Provides practice and review of learned concepts.

 3.  Homework allows use of resources that are available to the student.

 4.  Homework is not used as a punitive measure and requires completion within a reasonable amount of time.

 5.  Homework must be described in a site plan from every school and must be shared with parents in handbooks, at Back-to-School Night, etc.

Characteristics_of_Effective_Homework Card IconCharacteristics of Effective HomeworkTop of Page

1.  Relates to lesson objectives and classroom instruction.

2.  Prepares, reinforces, enriches, or extends learning.

3.  Practices basic skills to promote immediate recall.

4.  Matches the needs of the student.

Grading_of_Homework Card IconGrading of HomeworkTop of Page

Teachers must clearly outline the grading policy as it relates to homework.  Teachers should share with parents the portion of the child's grade for homework in relation to the student's overall grade in the subject area.  In addition, teachers should also outline how feedback will be given to students and parents.

Make-Up Card IconMake-UpTop of Page

Teachers will allow for make-up of missed homework under reasonable conditions (i.e. absences, family emergencies, etc.).  The teacher will give a reasonable time frame for make-up work completion and the amount of credit to be given.