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Google Apps - Staff Login

All staff have a Google Account associated with their email address.  

First time use requires activation on a hardwired, networked computer.

How_to_Activate_your_Google_Account Card IconHow to Activate your Google AccountTop of Page

  1. Login District hardwired, networked computer using your regular WUSD credentials.
  2. Hit Control + Alt + Delete
  3. Choose Change Password
  4. Type Current Password (that you use to login to computer) three times.
  5. Enter
  6. Open Chrome, the preferred browser for GAFE.
  7. Go to
  8. Click the Blue Sign-in Button on Top Right Hand Corner of Screen.
  9. Type in your full WUSD email address including
  10.  Next
  11.  Type in your password (the same one you use to login to computer)
  12.  Next
  13.  Accept permissions
  14.   Welcome to WUSD Google Apps for Education

How_to_Login_to_WUSD_Google_on_a_Shared_Computer Card IconHow to Login to WUSD Google on a Shared ComputerTop of Page

  1. Using Chrome, visit 
  2. Click the blue signin button in top right corner
  3. Enter full wusd email address
  4. Enter password.
  5. Click on waffle to access various Google tools.
  6. When done, don’t forget to logout!

How_to_Login_to_WUSD_Google_on_a_device_used_only_by_you Card IconHow to Login to WUSD Google on a device used only by youTop of Page

The directions above will also work but for maximum functionality, efficiency, and access to Synergyse, you will want to login to the Chrome Browser. Here’s how.

  1.  Using Chrome, Click the three “hotdogs” (short horizontal lines) in top right hand corner > Settings > Sign in to Chrome OR visit chrome://chrome-signin
  2. Enter full wusd email address
  3. Enter password

Note: The first time you do this, you may get a pop-up from Synergyse asking for permissions. Accept permissions.