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Professional Learning

In order to register for any conference all staff is required to fill out the following forms and complete the following steps:
Please keep in mind that any out-of-state travel will need to be board approved prior to completing registration.
STEP 1 (all staff must fill out in order to attend a conference)
Complete a Travel & Conference Request and attach the conference flyer or information. This form will need to be approved by your administrator
STEP 2 (all staff must fill out in order to attend a conference)
Fill out the conference registration form that you are interested in attending and attach it to a Requisition form
If your conference is local, then you are done with the process and should receive a confirmation email stating that your conference request has been completed.
STEP 3 (if a hotel is needed)
If a hotel is needed you must include the hotel information and attach it to a Requisition form
STEP 4 (if airfare is needed)
If airfare is needed you must choose your flights and attach a copy to the requisition form. You must also include your legal name and birthdate on the Requisition (you may use the same requisition form as the hotel
Once you have returned from your conference, you may put in for a reimbursement using our Travel Expense Claim Form for any expenditures that you had from your trip.
2020-2021 Rates
Mileage .545/mile
Breakfast $15
Dinner $28
If you have any questions regarding Professional Learning, please contact Connie VanDorien or Sara Drewry in Educational Services, (916) 375-7600 x1411.