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Workability 1

The mission of Workability is to provide the involvement of key stakeholders including students, families, educators, employers and other agencies in planning and implementing an array of services that will culminate in successful student transitions to employment, lifelong learning and quality of life.
Workability students will:
  • acquire and implement essential workplace skills
  • develop and implement a personal career plan
  • become positive participants and contributors in their community
Workability officers the following services for Washington Unified School District students with an active IEP:
  • career awareness and guidance activities
  • exploratory work experiences
  • information/registration with outside agencies
  • guest speakers
  • community/volunteer projects
  • job coaching/supported employment
  • 2 year monitor and support services
Workability Job Coach
Deborah Hodge
Office: River City High School (916) 375-7600 est 1362 (please note that although the office is housed at River City, Ms. Hodge can only be contacted through this phone number, which is a district number)