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Student and Family Support Staff

Staff Contact Information

Staff Contact Information

Social Worker

Maria Jacquez Vanessa Palomares Adriane Miles
(916) 375-7720 x3060 (916) 375-7670 x3403 (ELK) (916) 375-7700 x3503
Site: Westfield Site: Elkhorn & WMCHS Site:Riverbank
Banu Mutte Dannah Neilson Patty Mora
(916) 375-7778 x3920 (916) 375-7890 x3807 (916) 375-0960 x3706
Site: Bridgeway Island Site: Southport Site: Stonegate
Graciela Garcia Elisa Nevarez  
(916) 375-7800 x2001 (916) 375-7740 x3612 (Yolo) (916) 375-7730 x5054 (WMO)  
Site: River City High  
  Yolo HS & Westmore Oaks  

Youth Outreach

Alejandra Gutierrez Ruth PaganoTrn Sal Vega Susana Aguilar
(916) 375-7730 x5073 (916) 375-7778 x3906 (916) 375-7700 x 3508 (916) 375-7670 x3450
Westmore Oaks Bridgeway Island Riverbank Elkhorn
Edin Barrera Maria Corrales Kiritika Raj Alex Yang
(916) 375-7720 x3086 (916) 375-0960 x3711 (916) 375-7890 x3805 (916) 375-7800 x2092
Westfield Stonegate Southport River City High School
Maria Munoz Eli Leon Carla Rangel Andrade  
(916) 375-7740 x3635 (916) 375-7740 (Yolo) (916) 375-7800 x2105 (916) 375-7680 (WUVA)  
Foster & Homeless River City High School  
District Wide WUVA/WMCHS/Yolo HS    

School Liaison

Home School Liaison speak and translate in Spanish, Russian, Farsi, Dari, Pashton, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu
Claudia Martinez Monica Valadez Lorena Vega Aguilar
(916) 375-7700 x3505 (RB) (916) 375-7720 x3086 (WF) (916) 375-7800 x2087
(916) 375-7730 x5017 (WM) (916) 375-7670 x3420 (Elk)
Spanish: Riverbank & Westmore Spanish: Westfield & Elkhorn Spanish: River City High School
Selselah Bahrami Valentina Kryzhko Kamlesh Dutt
(916) 375-7700 x3507 (RB) (916) 375-7700 x3507 (RB) (916) 375-7700 x3507 
(916) 375-7800 x2089 (RCHS) (916) 375-7800 x2089 (RCHS)
Farsi/Dari/Pashton  Russian  Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu
Riverbank/River City/District Wide Riverbank & River City High School Riverbank

English Learner Department

Stacy Tran Leslie Jacobo Trejo
EL Coordinator
Administrative Secretary II
(916) 375-7600 x1377 (916) 375-7600 x1378
Christina Hernandez Vanessa Raeder
EL Program Specialist EL Teacher on Special Assignment
(916) 375-7600 x1316 (916) 375-7670 x3408
WUSD support students who are struggling socially, emotionally, behaviorally and/or academically. At each school site support staff works closely with school staff to identify students in need of assistance. Once identified, social workers, youth outreach and home school liaisons work directly with students and parents to address issues that are of concern to them, drawing on other resources for additional support.
Jay Berns, Director of Student and Family Services
Bianka Garcia
(916) 375-7600 x1369
Isabel Mejia, Administrative Secretary II
(916) 375-7600 x1370
As we navigate these uncharted waters concerning the COVID 19 (Coronavirus), it is necessary to keep all prescribed safety protocols in place. However we will continue to be of service to address your needs by appointment only.  
Thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times. Stay healthy and safe.