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Transfer Requests

Coronavirus Office Closure Information

Coronavirus Office Closure Information

Coronavirus Office Closure - Transfer Information

Due to the precautions in place to keep all staff safe from COVID 19 (Coronavirus), the office of Student and Family Support Services will be accepting ITP Interdistrict Transfer Applications and Intradistrict Transfer Request by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Should you have questions or concerns regarding Intra-District Transfers, please email Isabel Mejia, Administrative Secretary at or call ext. 1370. We will be checking the voicemail daily. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times. Stay healthy and safe. 

Intradistrict Transfers

Intradistrict Transfers

Transfer of student from one school in the district to another school in the district

  1.  No student currently residing within a school's attendance area shall be displaced by an intradistrict transfer student. (EC 35160.5)
  2. All students making a first request for an intradistrict transfer must first enroll at their school of residence. Once enrolled, parent/legal guardian may apply for an intradistrict transfer. Parents/guardians are required to fill out an Intradistrict Form to indicate that they wish to transfer their student to another school and return the form to the Office of Student and Family Support Services at the District Office.  Students currently on an intradistrict transfer must submit in writing their intent to continue in the school where they have enrolled.  Continuing intradistrict transfer students will be considered before new applicants.  However, continuing intradistrict transfer students may be subject to displacement due to excessive enrollment by students residing within a school's attendance area.
  3. Priority will be given to students based on the following criteria:  (a) student has a sibling at that school (b) students whose parent/legal guardian is assigned to that school as his/her primary place of employment.
  4. Parents/guardians who submit applications will be considered based on available space and date of application. (First come, first serve basis).  If no space is available the student is placed on a waiting list.  Transfers are granted as space becomes available up until winter break of that school year. No transfers will be made after winter break. If your transfer was not granted due to lack of space parents may fill out a new transfer for the upcoming school year.
  5. Parents/guardians will be informed by a telephone call when the transfer is granted.
  6. Transportation is the responsiblity of the parent/guardian to get their student to the requested school.
  7. Transfer requests that are approved are with the condition that the Intradistrict Transfer student may be displaced to their school of residence if an incoming resident student enrolls and no space is available.
  Download and Complete an Intra-Dristrict Transfer Request Form: School Year 2020-2021
Interdistrict Transfers

Interdistrict Transfers

Transfer of student from one school district to another school district

We are please to welcome students from all areas of our community. If you live outside of the West Sacramento, Washington Unified School District (WUSD) boundaries, you will need to complete an Interdistrict Transfer Permit (ITP) application. 
Please contact your District of Residence to complete the necessary forms. Once your home district approves your transfer, you may submit your district's approved, signed Interdistrict Transfer Application to the WUSD Student Services Department for review and approval.  This application must be filled out each new school year. 
This interdistrict transfer agreement must be filled out every year except for parents/guardians who work in West Sacramento.  Once their initial interdistrict transfer agreement has been approved WUSD becomes their district of residence as long as parent/guardian works in West Sacramento.  
Along with your Interdistrict Transfer Application, please submit: 
  • Your students' most current grades
  • Your student's record of attendance
  • Your student's behavior/discipline records from their most recent school
  • Written documentation validating your reason for the transfer

Families may apply for a school outside of the Washington Unified School District by coming to the Office of Student and Family Support Services and filling out the Interdistrict Transfer form. 

Application for Interdistrict Transfer (ITP) 

  • The form is then taken to the school district for which you wish to apply  



Download and complete an Intra-District Transfer Request Form: School Year 2020-2021