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Educational Services

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services of Washington Unified School District is the Chief Academic Officer of the district. Additionally, the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services serves on the Superintendent's Executive Cabinet along with the Assistant Superintendents of Human Resources and Business Services.

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Educational Services provides comprehensive direct support to schools, teachers, and students with the mission of providing the highest quality education and best possible opportunities for students.

What we do:

  • provide the curriculum that our students learn
  • train teachers and administrators
  • develop and monitor best instructional practices
  • innovate and improve learning systems and tools
  • enroll and place our students
  • support students experiencing difficulties
  • provide a safe and conducive learning environment
  • support special needs students and English Language Learners
  • assess and evaluate student learning outcomes to continuously improve instructional and service delivery

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Stan Mojsich
Director of Educational Services
Educational Services
(916) 375-7604 ext. 4011

Sara Drewry
Administrative Secretary
(916) 375-7604 ext. 1302
(916) 262-7262 fax
Andy Parsons
Assistant Superintendent
Educational Services
(916) 375-7604 ext. 4011
Connie VanDorien
Administrative Secretary
(916) 375-7604 ext. 1301
(916) 262-7262 fax