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Trustee Area Redistricting

At its most basic level, redistricting is the adjustment of election boundaries to create a fairer representation, equalize voting strength, and create an equitable distribution of political power. The task is conducted for any state, county, city, or other local government with districted elections. In the United States, this commonly occurs once a decade, after the release of new population numbers from the U.S. Census.
Starting with the November 2020 election, the District moved from an “at-large” Board of Trustees elections system to a “by-trustee area” elections system.  Voters now elect their Board members based on the specific area in which the voter lives.  When the District made this switch, it adopted a boundary map for these trustee areas that was based on the census data available at that time.
The United States Census Bureau recently began its release of the data from the 2020 census. For school districts using trustee area elections to elect their governing boards, the release of this data will trigger the need to examine and potentially re-draw the trustee areas based on population changes. Unlike the process to transition from at-large to by-trustee area elections, the procedure for adjusting trustee areas following the release of the census data does not require a specific process, although it must be accomplished by March 1, 2022. Washington Unified has partnered with Cooperative Strategies to evaluate trustee areas.


The Washington Unified School District (“District”) Board of Trustees recently adjusted the District’s by-trustee election areas after review of the 2020 decennial federal census data pursuant to Education Code section 5019.5 et seq., effective for the November 2022 election Cycle.
Implementation timeline

Implementation timeline

October 28, 2021
Board Meeting: Presentation on Evaluation of Existing Voting Areas
Receive Input on Potential Adjustments
November 2021
Cooperative Strategies prepares potential maps of adjusted Voting Areas
December 2021
Draft Maps Posted to WUSD Website
December 9, 2021
Board Meeting:  Review Initial Scenarios
December – January
Cooperative Strategies revises scenarios based on Board and Public Input
January 13, 2022
Board Meeting: Review Revised and/or Additional Scenarios
January 19, 2022
Community Forum: Gather public feedback on scenarios
January – February 2022
Cooperative Strategies revises scenarios based on Board and Public Input
February 10, 2022
Board Meeting: Adopt Final Trustee Areas
February/March 2022
Cooperative Strategies sends Final Trustee Area Map and Descriptions to the County Registrars of Voters
Trustee Area Scenarios

Trustee Area Scenarios



For more information and questions about redistricting, please contact the WUSD Business Services Office at (916) 375-7600 ext. 1011.
Official Trustee area map

Official Trustee area map

The Interactive Maps Tool provides a full aerial view of the entire school district with school boundaries and Trustee area boundaries. Make sure to select "NDC Green" in the map filter options. The "Green Map" is the official WUSD Board adopted Trustee area boundary map as outlined in Resolution No. 1819-08.