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Facilities Master Plan 2020

Facilities Master Plan 2020

 A comprehensive Facilities Master Plan is an essential element of a district’s planning process. The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) provides the district with information regarding current and future needs for student housing, quality of the existing facilities, and facilities renovation and expansion requirements to support the district’s educational and programmatic goals. A Master Plan also assists a district in identifying funding needs for capital improvement and developing financing options.
The FMP will be the first step in identifying the priorities and schedule of projects to follow for the next 15 - 20 years.  This document is intended to be updated on a regular basis so that each project is documented and accounted for in the Master Plan.  If maintained properly, the FMP will be an organic document that evolves as the District executes construction milestones.
  • There are eight established goals for the Facility Master Plan document:
  • To provide a road map for future facility work at each campus as funds are available
  • To align the facilities across the District with the District’s educational goals as stated in the Strategic Plan and LCAP document published by the District
  • To provide a master plan of each campus illustrating the proposed projects
  • To provide an analysis of funding options
  • To provide a proposed strategy for implementing the projects
  • To identify and resolve deferred maintenance items and provide an ongoing maintenance plan for the future
  • To meet the Facility Master Plan requirements for state funding going into effect if Prop 13 passes in March of 2020
The FMP was received by the Board of Education on the December 12, 2019, Board of Education Meeting.