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Site Modification Initiation Form

By using the Site Modification Initiation Form, sites, departments and agencies that operate on Washington Unified School District (WUSD) campuses may initiate a request for any construction or site modifications to any WUSD campus. Examples include but not limited to construction projects, installations, and floor modifications. Outside agencies that may initiate site modifications include PTOs, Boosters, churches that regularly participate in Facility Use Requests, external agencies that occupy sites by a prior written agreement, and County/City ran programs.
All spaces in the form must be complete for processing. This includes the budget and account line to pay for the work. The Facilities Department does not have a budget for site modifications outside of what is approved by the Board of Education in the annual budget adoption. It is the responsibility of the initiator to verify funding availability, the parameters and requirements of the funding source (if applicable), and to establish the budget for the work. Once the Facilities Department solicits bids and estimates from vendors and contractors, a confirmed cost estimate will be provided. The budget must be established prior to the solicitation of bids.
Please note that the completion of the  Site Modification Form does not guarantee that the work will occur even if fully funded. Any permanent impact on the District site and facilities must not compromise the current operation and program needs.  The project schedule is also subject to the availability of the Facilities Department.  As noted on the Form, the work executed by the Site Modification will not affect any preexisting MOUs or agreements. If completed, all agency-funded projects on WUSD property must do so knowing that the District will maintain ownership of the site modification thereafter, unless otherwise stated via MOU or signed statement from the District. Some site modifications may not be maintainable by WUSD, depending on the equipment/materials installed. Each site/agency that initiates modifications must proceed at its own risk for all future maintenance costs.
Each department in the approval process workflow is included so that all affected parties are aware that a possible project may occur and be funded by a site or outside agency.  Please reference the workflow chart below. Once the Site Modification Form has completed the workflow cycle, a Facilities representative will connect with the Initiator via email to discuss timelines of the project. If you have any questions please contact Daniel Gandara or 916.375.7600 ext.1014
Workflow Approval Process

Workflow Approval Process

1) Initiator
  • Proposes project
  • Confirms funding source and site administration approval
  • Submits Site Modification Initiation Form              
2) Facilities Department
  • Confirms all information on Form
  • Verifies if the project will interfere with existing site infrastructure and/or operations.
  • Verfies proposed work
  • Determines if a project can be completed internally with MOT department or if specialty consultants will be required
3) Chief Business Official
  • Notification and acknowledgment required
4) Technology
  • Notification and acknowledgment required
  • If any technology is a part of the project, then the Director of Technology will be a part of the project procurement.
5) Ed Services
  • Notification and acknowledgment required
6) Fiscal Services
  • Verifies that funds are available in the account line-listed
7) Facilities
  • Begin reviewing site records and architectural plans to obtain formal quotes and proposals from consultants, engineers, architects, and/or contractors.  All collected data will be presented to the initiator and site administrator to confirm details to create a project schedule.