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Kathy Batson
Accounts Payable & Purchasing Technician
(916) 375-7604 Ext. 1016
Fax (916) 375-7629
Purchasing procedures

Purchasing procedures

The following information should be used as a guide to District resources and services that are available to assist your procurement and contracting requirements.
Purchasing staff members listed below are available to help you if you have any questions on this information.


You must submit an authorized Requisition to purchase any item that will be paid by the WUSD. You must submit this Requisition BEFORE the item is purchased. If the item is purchased before the Requisition is submitted and turned into a Purchase then it is considered an unauthorized purchase. Unauthorized purchases are considered an Audit Exception and against Board Policy and will not be tolerated or paid by the District.

When submitting a Requisition to the Business Office you must have the following information listed on the Requisition:         
  • School site name
  • Date
  • If you are planning on picking up the item or would like it delivered to the District Warehouse
  • Vendor name and full address, phone number, fax number
  • Quantity
  • Description of the item
  • Catalog code #
  • Unit price
  • Total amount
  • Sales tax (7.75%)
  • Shipping/Handling charges
  • Final total amount.  
If you have more than six items you are purchasing, then you may put them on a separate sheet/order form. Please make sure you:
  • sign the Requisition
  • have your Supervisor/Principal sign the requisition to approve the purchase
  • make sure the appropriate budget code is entered. 
The next step is to send this approved requisition to the Business Office to be authorized and a Purchase Order is created and mailed to the Vendor. Please do not mail or fax your green/yellow copy of the Purchase order when you receive it back in the mail. This causes duplicate shipments and will be an expense for the District.
No Substitutions

No Substitutions

NO Substitutions will be accepted. You must purchase exactly what you have listed on the Purchase order or the item is cancelled. For example: If a vendor tells you that one of your items is discontinued but they have another item that will be comparable, you must decline the offer. We will only accept what is printed on the Purchase Order. We do not accept any substitutions.  
Please let Kathy Batson know if you have any items that have been discontinued or if the entire Purchase order needs to be cancelled. Kathy will cancel the Purchase order and the funds will be returned back to the appropriate budget line. The Auditors check invoices for items that were sent in place of the items that were ordered and this is considered an Audit exception. No exceptions to this rule. 
No Online Purchasing

No Online Purchasing

We are not set up for Online Purchasing. We are connected to the Reflection system with Yolo County Office of Education and the current system set in place does not allow for online transactions. Please submit a Requisition for all items you wish to purchase and they will need to be mailed as normal. 
Open Purchase Orders

Open Purchase Orders

Open Purchase orders are acceptable only when you can physically go to the Vendor’s place of business to pick up the merchandise. It is very important that when you go and pick up these items that you receive a receipt/invoice for this transaction. This receipt/invoice must be submitted to the Business Office (Kathy Batson) within 2 business days. Please do not hold any invoices (even if you have an open PO that still has money left to spend for the fiscal year), as it causes the District to be cut-off by these vendors due to non-payment. Every invoice/receipt must be submitted to the Business Office no later than 2 business days. No exceptions to this rule.