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Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Department provides sound fiscal management of the district funds so that all possible resources are available to promote the educational goals of Washington Unified School District. The department develops, monitors, and reports the financial direction and transactions of the district. The department responsibility includes:
  • Accurate accounting records of all revenues and expenditures
  • Budgetary controls and oversight
  • Financial Reporting to local, state and federal entities
  • Timely and accurate  payment of all employees and vendors
  • Data analysis to determine the effectiveness of programs
  • Supply up to date information on Employee Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Provide assistance to school sites and program managers in the areas of budget and accounting 
Director of Fiscal Services
(916)375-7604 x 1012
Alla Litovka
Fiscal Analyst
(916)375-7604 x 1020
Fiscal Analyst
(916)375-7604 x 1015
Accounting / Budget Technician
(916)375-7604 x 1018
sITE Deposit form

sITE Deposit form