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Before booking a bus for your trip, you must complete a WUSD Field Trip Planning Form at least three weeks before the scheduled trip. DO NOT book your bus until this step has been approved by your admin. If your field trip is overnight or out of the state, you must complete the WUSD Overnight and Out of State Field Trip Request Form.
Field Trip: WUSD School bus

Field Trip: WUSD School bus

  • Submit a Field Trip Request Form.
  • Staff/Teacher/Coach initiates the form with the trip information.
  • Admin verifies and approves the trip request.
  • Transportation processes and calendars the trip request.
    • No news is good news! Transportation will ONLY contact you if there are time/date conflicts. *You are always welcome to contact transportation to confirm trip details.
  • After the trip has been completed, transportation fills out the trip details.
  • The Transportation Supervisor reviews everything and signs off.
  • The billing department bills out for the trip.


  • Create a proposal and submit it to the Student Services Secretary.
    • The proposal should be submitted at least 60 days before the trip.
  • The proposal should include a copy of your approved WUSD Field Trip Planning Form, a quote from the charter company chosen (DO NOT sign it and send it back), and a point of contact who can sign documents at the charter company.
  • The Student Services secretary will draft up a WUSD contract and get the necessary approvals and signatures via DocuSign, including the charter company.
  • Once complete, the contract is forwarded to the Business Services Secretary via DocuSign for the final signature.
  • The completed contract is sent over to the Site Admin and Transportation Supervisor. The Transportation Department will schedule an inspection of the driver’s required documentation before departure. 
*REMEMBER if your trip is overnight or out of state, despite the form of transportation, it must be board approved. The Student Services Secretary will add it to the board agenda after receiving all required documentation and information.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I charter a trip?

  • If you are using non-district funds to pay for the bus.
  • If WUSD transportation is booked for the day you are requesting.

How many passengers fit on a school bus?

It depends on the grade level. Please contact the Transportation Department at (916)375-7688 for an accurate answer.

Can I temporarily reserve a bus for a field trip?

No. Trips are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

What is the best way to confirm a trip?

Please contact the Transportation Department at (916)375-7688 before the scheduled departure date/time.
Still have questions? contact the transportation department at (916) 375-7688

Still have questions? contact the transportation department at (916) 375-7688