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Aeries Parent / Student Portal

Aeries Portal

Check in on your student progress anytime, anywhere. For Washington Unified School District parents and students, Aeries Mobile Portal puts your student data in the palm of your hand. View grades, attendance, contact and demographic information for your student, all on the go.

Picture of Mobile Phone with Aeries Parent Portal

Log in with your Aeries account, or create it in-app.

Parents and students log in with the Aeries portal accounts they've already been provided, making it a breeze to get started. Accounts can also be easily created with our streamlined registration flow.
NOTE:  Parents, your student's information is protected by a 2-step process and requires a Verification Passcode.Your school office can provide you with the Verification Passcode for your student. 

Benefits of using the Aeries Parent / Student Portal App

  • Class summary and details
    Now you can celebrate that A+ as soon as the assignment is graded in Aeries! Clear, detailed and beautiful gradebook assignment readouts are always at your fingertips.
  • Attendance information with absences and tardies
    Parents and guardians get a birds-eye view of any absences or tardies on their student's record, helping them stay informed and maximize student success.
  • Aeries Communications keeps you in the loop
    Access the platform that faciliates simple and easy communication across classrooms, schools and districts.
  • Access all your students' records 
    Add all of your students to your profile so you can toggle between siblings to keep up with all of your families' grades, attendance, and communications - even if they go to different schools.
Questions? Call us at the WUSD Tech HelpDesk: 
916-375-7999, or extension # 1403 from any WUSD phone.

Aeries Data Confirmation

Back to School Data Confirmation (K-12th Grade)

Data Confirmation for existing WUSD Students

In an effort to streamline the Emergency Card information, the Washington Unified School District is piloting online Data Confirmation for the 2017-2018 school year.

For many of our families, the required “blue card” information does not change from year to year or is much easier and faster to enter this critical information rather than write it out for each child - twice! This year, we are piloting the data confirmation of the blue emergency card information for our existing students only. If you are new to the Washington USD, please contact the Student and Family Support Services by calling (916) 375-7600.

The data confirmation allows parents to log into the Aeries Parent Portal, review the information that is on file, and make any updates to insure all information is current and complete. Simply print out and provide the end product with the other essential information your school provides upon the start of school and you are set - feel free to return the blank blue card back to your site so we can reuse for next year!

By completing the steps below and printing out the information, you will no longer need to provide the “Blue Card” or “Emergency Card”

Getting Started

Login to the Aeries Parent Portal at
  1. Next click on the Student Info tab, then select Data Confirmation
  2. Complete the state mandated residency survey.
  3. Review the student demographic data the district has on file (Click Confirm and Continue).
  4. Review the contact information by clicking on the contact, then using the Change or Add buttons to update as needed (Click Confirm and Continue).
  5. Review and complete the medical history page by adding the insurance and doctor's information in the comment field, then review or update any medical conditions (Click Confirm and Continue)
  6. Review the school policies and indicate that you have read them (Click Confirm and Continue)
  7. Assign appropriate authorizations (Click Confirm and Continue)
  8. Click Confirm and Continue, then select Print Emergency Card

G Suite Privacy

The Facts About Student Privacy in Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks, published on December 2, 2015, at the Google for Education Blog

What is G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education - GAFE)?

G Suite is a suite of free Google cloud based services that allow teachers and students to collaborate on school projects in a secured environment that is completely separate from public Google offerings and is free from advertising and third party data mining. Examples of Google services that Washington Unified School District has enabled include Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Email, and Google Classroom. Some teachers will be distributing and collecting assignments through G Suite and the Google Classroom service. Students will be learning digital citizenship skills and cyber safety and information security/privacy through use of G Suite and potentially Google Email in certain grades. To enable G Suite, Washington Unified creates district managed G Suite accounts for each student. G Suite and online account management are included in a letter sent home from each school site at the beginning of the school year (English/Spanish/Russian). Parents are able to opt out of having their students enrolled and using G Suite by contacting our your school site leadership, but this may significantly impact their ability to participate in class learning activities, digital citizenship curriculum, on-line class discussions, and so forth. To help inform parents of the steps that the district and Google has taken to ensure the student's experiences using G Suite remains safe and that their data remains protected and private, we have prepared the following information about Washington Unified's deployment of G Suite and Google's own student data privacy polices.

Data Privacy

Data privacy and information security is of great importance to Washington Unified School District and we share your concern that student data is handled appropriately and not shared with outside sources without permission and that all student data remains under our control. We have designed our implementation of cloud based data storage to be as similar as possible to the data access and security we currently have with district hosted files and student files/data on district servers. In addition to G Suite, we make use of services from Backupify ( and Cloudlock ( to ensure that we have an independent archive of all G Suite data (information stored in Google Drive and Google Email accounts) and the ability to search and monitor the contents of student data stores that is separate from Google. This allows us to have a historical record of any data stored within Google accounts, just as we currently do with district hosted file servers that currently hold student files. We have also employed the services of AmplifiedIT (, the leading K-12 G Suite consultancy to assist us in configuring our G Suite implementation to ensure that there is no leakage of data or gaps in misconfigurations of the Google Admin console that would lead to a potential security breach or loss of privacy or data.
Download the following document that describes in detail, Google's data handling policies when it comes to G Suite:
(information downloaded from Google's website at

Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

The Washington Unified School District values the educational opportunities made available to students in the West Sacramento community and its commitment to student safety.  The District's investment in educational technology offers Washington students the benefit of individually tailored instruction based on student input and performance.  The District recognizes that importance of protecting student safety online and has carefully vetted District-sanctioned technology to assure it is compliant with student data privacy requirements.  The District has also educated its staff and students on responsible use of technology in furtherance on student safety online.
Washington Unified School District employs software and services from a variety of vendors and service providers. Some products are licensed by the District for use on district owned equipment, some products are hosted outside of the District and reside on non-district owned equipment. Student and/or parent information may be stored in these systems to facilitate use by the district staff, students, and parents.
The following links to terms of use, conditions and/or policies governing software programs or applications utilized by the Washington Unified School District for instruction based on student input and performance and/or recording keeping:
Relevant regulations:
  • SOPIPA - California (2014, effective 1/1/2016) - Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
  • COPPA (aka COPA) - Federal (1998) - Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  • FERPA - Federal (1974) - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • California Bill AB 1584 (effective 1/1/2015) specifies certain contract requirements with technology providers
  •  California Bill AB 1442 outlines requirements for educational institutions' storing of student information from social media.

WUSD Apps Portal

WUSD Apps Portal

The WUSD Apps Portal is a place to easily access frequently used district programs, web-based applications, and curriculum resources in one location. The portal can be accessed from home or from school, on any WUSD device on our network, or from your personal device on your own network.  
All WUSD students, teachers, and staff have access to the portal, and can log in using their username and password. 
The portal can be accessed by visiting WUSD STUDENT & STAFF PORTAL  or by clicking on the "WUSD Student & Staff Portal" link located at the top of all of our school and district websites. 


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