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Aeries Parent / Student Portal


Aeries Parent/Student Portal

  • Class summary and details
    Now you can celebrate that A+ as soon as the assignment is graded in Aeries! Clear, detailed and beautiful gradebook assignment readouts are always at your fingertips.
  • Attendance information with absences and tardies
    Parents and guardians get a birds-eye view of any absences or tardies on their student's record, helping them stay informed and maximize student success.
  • Access all your students' records 
    Add all of your students to your profile so you can toggle between siblings to keep up with all of your families' grades, attendance, and communications - even if they go to different schools.
Aeries Portal Accounts are automatically created for all parents and students at WUSD.  If you have provided your school with your email address, then we have already created an account for you!  To create or retreive your password:
  • Select "forgot password," and enter your email address
  • Check your email for a message from,  click on the "click here" hyperlink in the email to confirm your email, and create a new password.
  • If your account cannot be found or if you have not provided your school with your email address, please contact your school site secretary for assistance.
If you have multiple children enrolled in WUSD, all of their information will be linked to your log-in.

Aeries Parent/Student Portal Mobile App

Available on the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education overview
Google Workspace for Education is a set of Google tools and services that are tailored for schools and homeschools to collaborate, streamline instruction, and keep learning safe. Google Workspace for Education offers multiple options to meet your organization’s needs:
  • Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals—Gives you tools to aid teaching and learning, such as Classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Chat.
  • Google Workspace for Education Standard—Same tools as Education Fundamentals but with advanced security features and enhanced administration controls.
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade—Adds enhanced video-communication capabilities, Classroom add-ons, and other features and tools to your Education Fundamentals or Education Standard edition.
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus—Includes all the features in Education Standard and Teaching and Learning Upgrade with additional features for certain services, such as attendance tracking in Google Meet.

Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

The Washington Unified School District values the educational opportunities made available to students in the West Sacramento community and its commitment to student safety.  The District's investment in educational technology offers Washington students the benefit of individually tailored instruction based on student input and performance.  The District recognizes that importance of protecting student safety online and has carefully vetted District-sanctioned technology to assure it is compliant with student data privacy requirements.  The District has also educated its staff and students on responsible use of technology in furtherance on student safety online.
Washington Unified School District employs software and services from a variety of vendors and service providers. Some products are licensed by the District for use on district owned equipment, some products are hosted outside of the District and reside on non-district owned equipment. Student and/or parent information may be stored in these systems to facilitate use by the district staff, students, and parents.
Relevant regulations:
  • SOPIPA - California (2014, effective 1/1/2016) - Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
  • COPPA (aka COPA) - Federal (1998) - Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  • FERPA - Federal (1974) - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • California Bill AB 1584 (effective 1/1/2015) specifies certain contract requirements with technology providers
  •  California Bill AB 1442 outlines requirements for educational institutions' storing of student information from social media.