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Monique Stovall
Chief Business Officer
(916) 375-7604 x1011
Noemi Mawalla
Administrative Assistant - Confidential 
Phone (916) 375-7604 x1011

Business Services



The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services serves on the Superintendent's Executive Cabinet along with the Assistant Superintendents of Human Resources, Educational Services, and Communications Official.  
Essential Non-Instructional Services

Essential Non-Instructional Services

Business Services provides non-instructional services to Washington Unified School District schools and departments. Though most of our activities occur behind the scenes, our services are essential to the smooth delivery of classroom instruction.

  • We bring the students to and from school.
  • We serve them breakfast and lunch.
  • We ensure their teachers are paid and have the supplies they need.
  • We clean, repair and ensure their classrooms are conducive to learning.
  • We build new classrooms when needed.