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The Educational Services Department mission is to provide leadership and support for WUSD staff by coordinating the development, alignment, and implementation of standards, assessments, curriculum, instruction, staff development, and support services to ensure each student meets or exceeds District standards. We provide comprehensive direct support to schools, teachers, and students with the mission of providing the highest quality education and best possible opportunities for students by:

  • Providing the curriculum that our students learn.
  • Training teachers and administrators.
  • Developing and monitor best instructional practices.
  • Improving learning systems and tools.
  • Enrolling and placing students.
  • Supporting students experiencing difficulties.
  • Providing a safe and conducive learning environment.
  • Supporting special needs students and English Language Learners.
  • Assessing and evaluating student learning outcomes to continuously improve instructional and service delivery.
student success & support plan

student success & support plan

The Washington Unified (WUSD) Student Success and Support Plan is a continuation of a series of crucial conversations throughout the 2020-2021 school year with our diverse community to enhance our equity lens and prioritize our work to better support our students with the highest needs first.
WUSD is prioritizing the three goals outlined in our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to better support students: Goal 1: College and Career Readiness, Goal 2: Culture and Climate, and Goal 3: Parent and Community Engagement.
These areas are supported through intensive professional learning for our leadership team, certificated and classified staff members. Moreover, significant resources have been allocated to support specific student subgroups. For example, there has been an increase in the staffing to support direct student services. The primary focus is to continue to build capacity with MTSS strategies including early literacy, tiered intervention meetings, restorative practices, and a continued coaching model.
Washington Unified's comprehensive approach to planning has taken into account the multiple resources including one-time grants that will be available over the next three years. The funding for the actions included in this narrative are for activities that will be directly funded through available In-Person Instruction (IPI) and Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) Grants, Local controlled Funding Formula (LCFF), and Federal Title (Title) funds.
However, Washington Unified will seek to sustain actions beyond next year, or look to add actions due to growing needs identified through progress monitoring.  As we move forward such actions in order to sustain best practices and needs will be funded through a blending of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funds.
Staff Contact

Staff Contact