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dashboard FAQs

dashboard FAQs

Where does this data come from? The information shown is collected and reported by WUSD staff and may differ slightly from County and State Department of Health reports. All students and staff are asked to report if they experience COVID-19 symptoms or if they are exposed to someone who tests positive or receives a positive test result.
What is a confirmed case? Confirmed cases are individuals with a positive test. Cases reported may be a combination of in-person, virtual academy, independent study, and non-school locations.
How often is the dashboard updated? The dashboard is updated weekly on Mondays. Data collected for Tuesday of the previous week through the current Monday are included in the dashboard update.
Where do I find my school's data? At the bottom of the dashboard is a series of hyperlinked tabs titled by date (ie. "Aug 15" or "Oct 3"). Select the date for the data collection period you are searching for and a list of schools will appear showing the data collected for that period. 
Why is there no data for the collection period I'm searching for? Please note that sometimes staff may be managing other urgent matters at a school site or in our offices and data may not be logged by the scheduled time. These updates will likely appear later in the evening or the following morning. If this happens, please check back at a later time and remember to refresh your internet browser when returning.