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About the plan

About the plan

Washington Unified School District (WUSD) partnered with Performance Fact, Inc. to develop and implement a new equity-centered strategic plan that will be the District's guide for the next five years, from 2022 to 2027.
The new strategic plan is designed to build upon the previous plan's successes and align itself with the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The goal is to reinforce the strengths of our school system while recalibrating the District’s vision and commitment to excellence, equity, and empowerment for every student every day.
The Performance Fact team and WUSD leadership utilized a series of stakeholder teams to guide the development of a strategic plan that embraces the community's diverse voices. The stakeholder teams included a Core Planning Team (CPT) of district staff and community members, an Instructional Focus Team (IFT) that included teachers and administrators, an Alignment Team with West Sacramento business and community leaders, Student Groups with voices from grades 3-12, and Community Forums open to all individuals from the broader community. 
Goals for student success

Goals for student success

Goal 1: Success in the Early Years

1. Availability of and participation in high-quality, licensed pre-K programs
2. Students meeting/exceeding criteria for social-emotional and cognitive development
3. Students meeting/exceeding early-literacy and early-numeracy standards

Goal 2: Whole Child: Healthy, Safe, Challenged & Supported

1. Students’ perception of safety, sense of belonging, academic challenge, and access to timely supports
2. Students’ access to and participation in extra-/co-curricular activities
3. Students’ progress on the Portrait of a WUSD Graduate

Goal 3: Opportunity & Achievement for Every Student

1. Students meeting/exceeding proficiency standards on local, state and national assessments
2. Availability of and enrollment in advanced rigorous coursework (including advanced placement,
international baccalaureate, dual enrollment, and STEM programs)
3. Participation in gifted and talented programs

Goal 4: Elimination of Disproportionalities

1. Attendance and chronic absenteeism rates
2. Access to supports for emotional, behavioral, mental and physical health
3. Discipline referrals, suspension and expulsion rates
4. Access to and participation in formalized tutoring and other types of academic supports

Goal 5: Readiness for College, Career & Life

1. Students completing A-to-G requirements with a ‘C’ grade or higher
2. 9th and 10th graders on track to graduate
3. Participation in formal Career & Technical Education (CTE) pathways
4. On-time graduation rates
5. Post-high school transitions: enrollment in college, technical training, entry into the workforce, enlistment
in the military, entrepreneurial pursuit, civic engagement
4 Pillars: Building blocks for action and decision making

4 Pillars: Building blocks for action and decision making

Strategic Plan Overview Booklet

Strategic Plan Overview Booklet

Strategic Plan 4-Page Handout

Strategic Plan 4-Page Handout

Strategic plan 1-page handout

Strategic plan 1-page handout